Relaunch a venture capital site


I founded Marine User Experience in 2015 to investigate the interaction of devices in different environments. As part of the startup work, I offered UX consultancy to a wide range of companies.


The venture capital firm SOSV (Sean O’Sullivan Ventures) has 8 locations around the globe helping to co-ordinate accelerator programs in varied fields such as hardware, biology and food science. I was tasked with relaunching their SOSV website to emphasis their portfolio database of companies and accelerator programs. SOSV1


With all of the paths visitors could take from a site or link to or the accelerator subpages, it was important to map the options and understand how SOSV information would be exposed to the user.

SOSV Research

We identified the personas for the site from the investors to the startup founders to the journalists looking for more information. All of their tasks were mapped.

SOSV Task Mapping
Crunchbase SOSV


With the paths mapped, we identified areas of the existing site that required an overhaul, those that required a tweak and the content that was working well. We identified page layouts that would work for companies with little to no media up to companies with a rich set of video and imagery.