One call icon for 10 devices


Cisco is one of the networking giants with 72,000 employees spread across the world.I was part of Cisco Unified Communication team from 2008 until 2012 based in their research centre in Galway, Ireland.

Cisco Galway


While being known for their telephony and communication products there had been less emphasis on the user experience of the product suite leading to a very disconnected and disparate suite of products.

Cisco Galway

An initiative was undertaken by Cisco to bring a unified experience across all their product range including visual styles, common telephony interactions and a revised range of hardware. This effort went under the codename of “Futurama”.


Ethnographic research on a range of companies was conducted over a 6 week period. We identified the common interactions and built strategies around how we would represent elements like online presence across mobile.

Cisco Sketch Cisco Sketch Cisco Sketch


A large part of my work would have been to provide visual direction for a desktop client “Jabber” which was available on both Windows, Mac and Mobile as well as author the Cisco Icon Guidelines

Cisco Icon Cisco Icon