About Cian Walsh

Hates Acronyms

It's a gateway drug to babble

Twitter Skeptic

Prefers to draw birds

Photographs Strangely

Consistently cheesy grins

Utterly Irish

Informs a lot of design

I'm a 34 year old Irishman who has worked for a number of years as an Illustrator, Visual Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and a Production Director. At the moment I illustrate interfaces for software applications & online projects.

I'm happy to chat about past icon work, articles or samples. I'm not accepting large icon projects anymore, but am always intrigued by left field proposals, quirky challenges and outlandish tasks.

Contact me via email at [email protected]

Take a peak at upcoming work on my Google+ or Facebook page. Alternately, you can connect via LinkedIn or Twitter. Stalkers have no excuse.

Travel Snaps

Freelancing can sometimes mean time on the road. All photos were taken with a combination of Casio Exilim, iPhone, Fuji Finepix, Casio QV-R51 and sometimes Sony Ericsson Camera Phones. Whatever was closest at the time.

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